Forget about Intranet and
start with Incrowd

Do you struggle to reach your employees? Wherever we go, communication professionals always tell us how difficult it is to reach their employees. The inbox is flooded, employees don't visit the Intranet because they can't find anything there, and people are found at the office a lot less because they are more and more mobile. This is the solution: with Incrowd you supply everyone, always and anywhere with only relevant content, on their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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With the Incrowd apps everyone has access to the content that you made available always and anywhere. All your content is stored safely in the Incrowd Cloud so that every user, even from outside your organisation's network, has access to all information they need. You always reach your target audience, whether they are on the train, bus or at home.

The power of the Incrowd platform also lies in the possibility to determine the target audience for every published article. This is done based on filters that you can compile yourself, like function, location and product or service.

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